A downloadable game for Windows

my laptop was broken, all I had was MSpaint and a simple visual novel making program. so this happened
I guess you could class it as a dating sim??? if you squint??? 

My boyfriend " :thumbsupemoji: is good thing" 
Ser Charizard "This is a beautiful game The art brings a tear to my eye"
Deusovi "welp"
Bobthebobking "fhsdhfkjd
Jawn "the typos just make it better"

FAQ: (ok the frequently part may be a lie these are the only questions I've ever been asked about the game and it's once each)

Does running that require anything? I seem to be getting an error

It shouldn't but if it's telling you something like "the code extension could not proceed because d3dx9_37.dll was not found. you might need to update your DirectX runtime https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35

does it have sound?

nah I couldn't be bothered adding any

why does Gendar only have one ear? 
he comes from a poor family... they could only afford the one


good god I made a sequel https://deathstardances.itch.io/untitled-garbage-2-2untitled-2garbage

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Published 82 days ago
TagsDating Sim, garbage, Visual Novel

Install instructions

just make sure to play it in the folder with everything in it. cheers! 


it's fully operational garbage.zip 3 MB

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